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AutoZone is one of the largest companies that sell automotive parts and accessories in the US. This company was built in the year 1979 by Pitty Hyde. It office is based in Memphis, Tennessee. It has approximately around 6000 stores that spread out around the US, Mexico, and Brazil. If you guys need automotive spare parts or accessories you guys could buy it at AutoZone. They have complete and good quality collection. You guys should check it out. Furthermore, if you guys want to contact, reach, or file some complaints towards autozone corporate office you guys could reach them through some ways below:

Autozone headquarters Info

AutoZone Corporate Office Information

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Address: when you guys want to get some information or need any help regarding autozone products and services, you could come directly to autozone corporate office which is based in 123 S. Front St. Memphis, TN 38103 United States.

Phone number: When you guys want to get some info regarding autozone products, price list, wish list and etcetera you guys could dial their number in (1-800-288-6966). Furthermore, if you want to get some information regarding autozone general inquiries and information you could dial their number in 1- (901) 495-6500. Their customer services are available 24/7, so you guys can call them at any hour and they will answer them as quickly and efficiently as they can. Such a convenience isn’t it?

Email: if you guys prefer to write rather than call, you could write them an email through their customer service email address which is
Fax: You guys could also try to contact them through their fax address which is (901) 495-8300

Website: to file some complaint or just simply reach autozone to ask for information you guys could also visit their official website page in

Social Medias: if you like to go on social media, you could reach or contact them through their social media. In Facebook autozone could be found at meanwhile through twitter they could be found at @autozone

In conclusion, Autozone is a company retail that sells automotive parts and accessories which headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. They have over 6000 stores that spread all around the US, Mexico, and Brazil. Furthermore, when you guys need some information or want to file some complaints regarding Autozone’s products and services, you could contact them through several ways, such as by emailing them, calling them, visiting their official website, or even come directly to autozone corporate office. They have 24/7 customer services, so your problem and complaints will be handled as quickly and efficiently as they possibly can.

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