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Bank of America is one of the largest banks in America. This bank ranks second in terms of assets in the United States. The bank, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the result of collaboration and merging between Bank America Corp and Nations Bank. The bank was founded in 1998 with a scope of operation to the entire world. In 2010 the Bank of America recorded a net profit of around USD 2,264 billion with total assets of USD 2,264 trillion.

The History of the Formation of Bank of America

Bank of America Corporate Office

Bank of America Logo

In 1904 is the early history of the founding of Bank of America, at which time an Italian-American named Amadeo Giannini founded a bank in San Francisco called Bank of Italy. The formation of the bank with the aim of providing loans to immigrants and farmers in America. When deposits grew and were carried by word of mouth, the name Bank of Italy was changed to Bank of America. The development and growth and opening of Bank of America branches show progress very quickly and significantly. Until now Bank of America will develop and perfect online classes and mobile products as a distraction from the retail network.

The Location of Bank of America’s Headquarters

Bank of America’s branch offices are spread across several states in America and already have a new headquarters in the Bank of America Tower, New York City, United States. This towering building or so-called skyscraper is located at 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas, Bryant Park. This building was established as a place for the company’s investment banking division and also will host most of the staff of the Bank of New York based in America. If you want to see a variety of financial products offered by Bank of America, then you can access them through the website

There are three account options available at Bank of America that you can choose to open a checking account that is Advantage Plus, Advantage Safe Balance or Advantage Relationship. All of the account options have supporting features such as fraud protection, custom alerts, mobile deposits and so on.

Bank of America Customer Service

You can visit the website or contact Bank of America contacts that are already available.
Phone number: 844-432-1000
You can also contact via available social media such as Twitter and Facebook, or can write directly and send it to this address.
Address: P.O Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33622-5118

Complaint service hours and questions about Bank of America products are served on:
Days: Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.). and Saturday to Sunday (8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.).

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