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Originally named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, the restaurant opened its first location in 1982. Weck is short of Kimmelweck, a Kaiser roll with topping, a tasty roll that served when we first opened. These tasty rolls are popular on the east coast at that time. In 1988 the name was changed to Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. Now the restaurant chains are having more than 1200 branches and franchises spread around the US and world.

Buffalo Wild Wings Logo

History: Two Guys in Hunger

1982 Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowrey had just moved from Buffalo to Ohio. They were missing one thing, wings. It’s not ordinary wings, but authentic New York-style chicken wings from their place of origin, buffalo. To treat their longing for the authentic Buffalo chicken wings, Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowrey thought about road trip back to home, but later they chose to open a wing joint instead originally named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck. We are so lucky that by that decision, now we can crave the authentic New York-style buffalo chicken wings in Buffalo Wild Wings that offers 21 mouthwatering signature sauces and seasonings.

Sports Fan Station

The restaurant is known for showing the Ohio State Game. it also has a front-row seat for every sports fan. Originally, the TV was only used for music videos. One day, somebody requested to turn on the Ohio State Game. After all, sport on out and the restaurant was known as a sports bar.

Contacting Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Office

the headquarter is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S., with Paul Brown as CEO. And the physical address is Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarter office, 5500 Wayzata Boulevard Minneapolis, MN 55416. You could send a letter to that address.

Phone Number                               

The company doesn’t give direct contact to the corporate team, but you can call the customer service and request to contact a member of the corporate team. The phone number is 1-866-704-0777. You could also send your complaint there.


The restaurant doesn’t share the email to the public, but you can reach us by sending a message on the website, and they will contact you by email or phone message, so make sure you fill those items. You could also reach us by social media, like Instagram and twitter by your locality.


The restaurant clearly shows the menu information, promo, location, and company information on the website in www.buffalowildwings.com. You could also give a feedback survey, leave a message, and check for rewards and gift.

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  1. author

    Terry D Matthews4 months ago

    This letter is in regards to the Buffalo Wild Wings at 10500 Ulmerton Road #476, Largo, FL
    Sent to BWW Corporate Headquarters 5500 Wayzata Blvd., Ste. 1600 Minneapolis MN 55416.
    Dear HQ,
    I normally do not write letters I say what I need to say to the local store manager however this time I feel I should escalate to your level.
    I frequent the store in Largo after 5 PM on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the store is my favorite for several reasons. It is convent to where I work, the service at the bar is phenomenal and the bartender knows the correct way to pour a Guinness.
    I will tell you what I have observed. On Wednesday nights a trivia group meets there it is always a lot of fun for all the people there. I have watched the bartender zip around never missing a beat. She gets the drink orders out very quickly; in fact, the servers often are not able to keep up with her. There will be three or four orders waiting for the servers to pick up, she will have another ready and has to flag one of the assistant managers or a server to deliver the drink orders so she can stage another order to be picked up. All the while she will keep all the guests taken care of at the bar and a steady flow of clean classes coming out of the dish washer behind the bar. Often times there will not be enough servers to take care of the guests at the tables in the bar area. She will go to those tables, take the orders, deliver the drinks deliver the food, then bus the table for more customers. Thursdays are slower at the tables but the bar counter stays full. Friday sometimes is a repeat of Thursday, Saturday if there is a fight on you should see her go.
    Over the past 6 or so months the management has changed. From my place at the bar it looks to me as if the new manager (I think his name is Mike) does not like her, it seams as if he is bulling her. I have seen him call her to the back then when she returns, I can see in her eyes she has been crying. As soon as she comes out of the door though she has that great smile, happy attitude and friendly conversation for everyone.
    Now the reason for writing this letter. Yesterday after 5 I stopped by for something to eat and a drink. As you recall the President had just declared a national emergency for the Coronavirus and I needed a friendly face and pleasant attitude. When I sat down, I could tell the bartender was not feeling well at all. I went ahead and ordered food and a drink. When I was close to finishing, I motioned her over to where no one could hear and asked if she was feeling un-well, she said yes. I asked why she had come in to work she told me she had called in sick but then the manager Mike had called her back to come in and she was afraid if she said no, she would get terminated.
    I ask to see the on-duty manager on my way out I think his name is spelled TeKi. I told him I thought Buffalo Wild Wings was not taking the Coronavirus seriously and they should not have made her come in. He said the manager ask her to come in. I then said I thought Mike showed poor management skills. He should have come in himself and taken her shift if no one else was available.
    He missed a great opportunity to show leadership. As a manager he should be able to do any and all jobs at that location, maybe he should have to do one of those Wednesday nights by himself with no waitstaff for the tables in the bar area.
    Terry D Matthews, 5400 Park St N #300, St Petersburg Florida 33709

  2. author

    Rhonda Marie Haymer3 months ago

    With covid 19 times are hard for everyone with the quantine going on you have to order and pickup or delivery, meantime I went to your crystal Minnesota location. against a friends better judgement.
    I first called in my order for pickup. I begin trying to order the day prior, at 9pm I was told they were not taking pickup orders …Huh anyway I said ok that’s fine , while we are still wanting BWW, I called and placed an order at 12.10 arrived at BWW 1:00 stood in a line of 2 ppl waited for someone to come to the counter 15 minutes nobody came to the counter to look over at the bar and the Employees were at the bar . Ryan notice the customers and continue his day. I finally went out to my car in CALLED into the inside to get someone to come to the front counter.BADDDDD Business

  3. author

    Bob G.2 months ago

    We called an order in to your Boynton Beach, Fl store yesterday sometime before 4:00PM and placed an order. Was told it would be ready at 6:00PM. At 6:00 we pulled into the #7, txt the store to let them know we were outside. 6:25 came, not only no one delivered the order but several cars who came after us got served. I called the store and after a couple of minutes was told our order would be right out. Again, several cars pulled in, got gheir orders and left.
    i called again as was told coming right out. Still, no order. I got out of my car and was walking to the store when the delivery girl came out, handed me the box and she was too busy to take it to the car and left. We were there almost an hour.
    Absolutely will NOT give BWW any more business and will tell our community so.
    It is a shame since the wings are really good, but the service has turned us off.


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