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Before it becomes Dominos pizza corporate office, in the year of 1960, Tom Monaghan together with his younger brother, James, bought DomiNick’s. Back then, it was a small pizza tavern nearby The Michigan University. The deal was guaranteed with a $ 500 payment. However, they borrow around $1000 to buy it with others stuff they might need in the future.

The company symbol initially contained three dots, which was representing the number of outlets in 1965. Anyway, Tom Monaghan plans to add some new points in the future, but the plan soon fades with Domino’s rapid growth. They grew up very fast with hundreds of outlets from Dominos pizza corporate office.

Dominos pizza corporate office

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On May 12, 1983, the very first oversea outlet was established in Canada. In the very same year, they also open their 1,000th store in Washington. In 1985, the restaurant chain opened its first outlet in Luton United Kingdom. They even aimed to open a store in Asia, which of course they did in 1985. The first Asia branch outlet is in Tokyo, Japan. Not long after that, In 1993, Domino’s Pizza is the second franchise from USA in Dominican Republic and also the first in Haiti. It was managed by Luis Rodríguez. Not only were they successful, in 1995, Domino’s outlets were spread across 1,000 different locations in the entire world.

In 1997, the 1,500th international outlet was established. They began by opening 7 outlets in one day in 5 of the continents. In 2014, the company’s outlets have spread across 6,000 locations throughout the world and plan to expand it to the birthplace of pizza, namely Italy. The plan was reached on October 5th, 2015, with its first outlet in Milan. In 2014, CEO Patrick Doyle said that the company will focus on the delivery system in Dominos pizza corporate office.

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  • Headquarter : 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48106
  • Phone Number : (734) 930-3030
  • Fax : (734) 930-3030
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Customer Complaint 
Domino’s Pizza did not respond to our order correctly. We also paid for the pizza and when we asked about the compensation voucher we were supposed to receive, the clerk said it was finished. However, we did not get the compensation voucher as it was promised in their website and profile. What a disappointment for me! Think would never order one again from them!

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