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Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, started as a startup company with its main purpose as an online data storage service or often addressed as an online backup service. Offers many facilities for any means of data organizing such as cloud storage and files synchronization, Dropbox presents an easy system to secure your files against a technical problem. The system allows you to put your data into the storage and share it from your personal device to any other device through Dropbox, thus you can simplify your effort of securing and synchronizing the files on your device. Available in 17 languages, Dropbox has been used by 50 million users around the world, it provides both free and paid services with a variety of advantages, and you can choose the one suit your preference the best.

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The headquarters office of Dropbox is located in San Fransisco, California. Dropbox headquarters formerly operated on Market Street until the number of the employee raised and then its location move to Brannan St. The headquarters office is well designed as a cozy collaborative space with a music studio and a treehouse. The corporate office is available by mail and phone for any contacts from the customer. Before being contacted, you may need to pass on a message to the executive management about your complaint on matter occurs. Also, please note that knowing the person in charge before you call may help the speed of the process.

Address:  Should you need to send a letter about your complaint or by any means and maybe stop by Dropbox headquarters, you can use the address for the corporate office. The address where Dropbox headquarters operate is:

Dropbox Headquarters 185 Berry St. Ste. 400

San Fransisco, CA 94107

Phone Number: If you prefer to file your complaint on the issue at hand by phone, you are allowed to contact Dropbox Headquarters by these available numbers below:

At 1- 415- 986- 705 or 1- 415- 789- 4548 (fax)

Email: The best way to contacting Dropbox headquarters is maybe to make use of the common contact form such as email. However, for any corporate contact means, the email contact form for Dropbox headquarters is not available.

Website: For further and detail information about Dropbox Headquarters you can visit the official website on Dropbox.com. You can find as much as you wish to know about the company.

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