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In March 3rd 1865 Thomas Sutherland founded The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank in Hongkong and in Shanghai a month later and the two cities become it first headquarter. HSBC Holdings incorporated in Wales and English. After gaining success in England, the Bank tried expand to Europe in 2000 and continued expanded to United States. The new headquarter moved to London at 8 Canada Square in 2003. Keep continue to grow, the new executive Stuart Gulliver had statement that HSBC change the focus of business strategy. The target is no longer to be ‘ the world’s local bank”. The headquarter at 8 Canada Square in Canary Wharf, London signed as the world headquarter. It play an important part in world’s major financial market. HSBC also known as largest bank in Hong Kong.

HSBC Corporate Office Information


HSBC has a lot of number subsidiaries that spread out all over the world. In Europe, we can find HSBC Bank Malta, HSBC Bank pls, HSBC France,,HSBC UK BANK, HSBC Private Bank. In America, they have HSBC Bank Canada, HSBC Mexico, HSBC Securities, HSBC Bank Bermuda, HSBC Finance Corporation, HSBC Bank USA. In Middle East and North Africa, they have HSBC Bank, HSBC Bank Middle East, HSBC Bank Jordan, HSBC Bank Middle East, HSBC Bank Egypt, The Saudi British Bank and many more.

For those of you who want to make a call, you can contact us at 0843.8375451 or check our website Besides, we provide you with several ways via social media. Ask us a questions and discover the latest insights on HSBC social media channels, be updated and keep alert with our daily information

• live call center is also available
via this number Monday To Wednesday, 5. a.m to 12 a.m. Thursday and Friday at the same time. For your information, through this social media. You can visit the Facebook page at and via HSBC Twitter page at
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It’s our commitment to give our best services for customers and we truly sincere to do so, but just in case there is something unpleasant experience that you had with HSBC and you want to make a complaint, please don’t hesitate to contact us to our support number 1-858-567-8. Our professional team will try our best to solve the problem and find you solution as soon as possible.

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