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In February 21st 1950 Robert O Petterson launched Jack in The Box in San Diego as it headquarter.  Most of the restaurants, located in West Cost of the USA. Later on, in a few years, it expanded to selected urban areas outside the West Coast, including Denver, Dallas, Nashville, Houston and many more. Known as fast food restaurant, Jack In The Box offers you different taste of Hamburger, variety of chicken tenders, French fries and some specific menu in some areas, such as egg rolls in China and tacos in Mexico. Since it was established, Jack in The Box has performed drive through system with innovated  intercom system, the first can be used as an intercom , and the others to focus on drive through. So it is known as modern food machine. The fast service had made Jack in the Box so famous.

Jack In The Box Corporate Office Information

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Jack in the Box’s Taco is very popular product for decades, although its known for the Hamburger. Since 2017, the number of taco has increasingly spread out, almost 554 million a year. Many food experts compared it with other restaurant’s Taco, but still Jack in the Box’s Taco still the best. The common praise said “The most delicious Taco of all time” even celebrities love it and make their comments on daily newspaper. In 2005, Jack in the Box launched the plans to expand throughout  the world in 2010.

For those of you who want to make a call delivery, we provide you with several ways. You can reach Jack In The Box call center by

  • contact  800 support number, 1-858-567-84. Besides, live call center is also available

via this number Monday To Wednesday, 5. a.m to 12 a.m. Thursday and Friday at the same time.  For your information, this is not a customer support 800 but a phone number owned directly to Jack In The Box corporate office

It’s our commitment to give our best services for customer and we truly sincere to do so, but just in case there is something unpleasant experience that you had with Jack in The Box and you want to make a complaint, please don’t hesitate to contact us to our support number 1-858-567-8. Our professional team will try our best to solve the problem and find you solution as soon as possible.

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  1. author

    Lori Barnett4 months ago

    I would like to complain about an employee, that was working the drive thru, at Centerville Texas, this morning,(3-6-20)Friday. He had abrupt behavior, to which, I will speak of, when I am corresponding with one of you. Thank you!

  2. author

    Lori4 months ago

    Unbelievable you would a Jack up drive thru prices during Coronavirus 3/18/20
    You are not losing business except for mine never will I eat at any of your locations again !
    $18.00 for chicken strips only & Terriaki bowl , that’s crazy.
    Location Thompson pk. & Franklyod wright

  3. author

    Andy Natal2 months ago

    I am quite disappointed in your new special BBQ double cheeseburger combo. On the menu, it looks like a great big loaded sandwich, When I got it home, it was no bigger than a double cheeseburger at McDonalds. If I knew that this sandwich was going to be that tiny, I would’ve gone to McDonalds.

  4. author

    Lydia Webb1 month ago

    Today 06/05/20 I visit you Jack in the Box on Beltline in Irving, Texas . Every time I go the morning Manager (Nancy) always wants to short change me and then when I bring it to her attention she just acts like oh ok and refunds me my money. If she is doing it to me just how many other people she is doing it to. This is bad business and the receipt is never corrected. So at the end of her shift she is probably collecting the overage.


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