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Old Pueblo Traders Corporate Office Headquarter Info

Old Pueblo Traders Corporate Office (“Old Pueblo” or “Company”) has a long history in the American retail world. Starting his journey on October 24, 1958 by opening his first outlet in the form of a children’s fashion store in the market area of States, Old Pueblo stepped forward by opening the first modern Factory Outlet in America in 1972. Since then Old Pueblo has established itself as a national original brand.

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To date, it operates 155 outlets in 74 cities throughout America, with a space of almost one million square meters and has developed its presence in the online world.

With a business trip that has been built for 60 years, Old Pueblo always provides fashion choices with the latest trends in the categories of clothing and fashion, as well as beauty products and other household items displayed in modern outlets and Old Pueblo.com. Old Pueblo is very proud of its support for the American economy by employing more than 40,000 employees and partnering with around 850 local suppliers and suppliers

Old Pueblo Traders Corporate Office exclusive brands have been repeatedly selected as the most favorite fashion brands in America and only sold at Old Pueblo and Old PuebloStore.com outlets. The Company has also repeatedly won awards both nationally and internationally in all aspects of its business, which shows the Company’s good reputation as a dynamic, and trusted company. These awards included 3rd place among American retailers in the Top 500 Retail America Pacific (Retail America, Euromonitor, & KPMG); and American Brand 2017 as the Top 3 Most Powerful Retail Brands in America (Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc.)

Shareholders who own 5% or more shares of Old Pueblo Factory Outlet are (MLPL) (20.48%).

Based on the Company’s Articles of Association, the scope of LPPF activities is engaged in a multi-store network business that provides a variety of goods such as clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, cosmetics, household appliances and toys and management consulting services. Old Pueblo Factory Outlet has 142 outlets spread across major cities in United States

Web                                     : oldpueblotraders.blair.com

Headquarter  Address     : 6228 E Broadway Blvd # 150, Tucson, AZ 85711, USA

Phone Number                  : +1 520-885-2391

Fax                                       : +1 520-885-2391

Email                                   : customerservice@oldpueblotraders.com

Customer Complaint

Most complaint is all about the difference between what it is shown in the store to the clothes that are taken home from Old Pueblo Traders Corporate Office. This is one complaint sample taken from the website.

Usually the material or fabric is not appropriate and also the size, even though the diphtho is quite big. It turns out after arriving at home the size is small.

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