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Do you like pizza? It seems that almost every single one loves pizza. If you love pizza so much, you must be already familiar with Papa John’s. Papa John’s is one of the most famous and popular pizza brands, especially among pizza lovers. If you want to know more about this pizza restaurant, here is the complete information about it.

About Papa John’s

Papa John’s Pizza Logo

The key to make the best quality pizza according to Papa John’s is the same as the key to success. They claim that their ‘pizza family’ is as perfect as the first day they open the restaurant. The pizza restaurant is always eager to make new innovative recipes and products. The foundation and priority of Papa John’s pizza restaurant is quality. The restaurant always tries its best to produce not only delicious pizza but also high-quality one.

Papa John’s pizza restaurant was first located in a broom closet in Jeffersonville, IN. But now, it has more than 5.000 branches which are situated in 45 different countries and regions in all over the world. The pizza restaurant commits to invest on the ingredients that they choose and use. Whether it is the pizza sauce, dough, vegetables, meat, or toppings, they avoid using cheap ingredients or more processed ingredients. The restaurant makes sure that they only deliver the best quality pizza to be enjoyed by the customers. They always make sure that they only offer the most delicious and high-quality pizza for any occassions.

Morevoer, Papa John’s commits to always get better from time to time. The restaurant constantly improves and never stop to try to beat their own previous best. Not only the products, but the restaurant also makes sure that they provide the best service. The pizza restaurant ensures that the employees are always passionate about what they do. Papa John’s offer a lot of various pizza menus that you can enjoy. And all of them are made with fresh dough and the restaurant’s signature pizza sauce.

Papa John’s Corporate Office Contact

Papa John’s corporate office or the headquarter is located in 2002 Papa Johns Boulevard, Lousville, KY 40299, the United States of America. If you have any complaint or suggestions, you can send a letter to their mailing address at:

Mailing Address:

Papa John’s International, Inc.

P.O BOX 99900

Lousville, KY 40269-9990, USA

Or you can also contact the customer care number at 877-547-7272. For further information, go to their official website at

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