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Pinterest corporate office is a place where creative people share their photographs and get inspired by others as well. It’s a company that runs a social media that enables its users to use a very specific keyword and themes to find and publish their artworks. The company was founded in March 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. By August 2019, Pinterest has reached more than 300 million users that are actively using the service. According to the founder, Silbermann, Pinterest is different with another merely image-saving social medias, because Pinterest gather ideas and process them in a way that motivates people to stay creative.

Pinterest Logo

On its launching date, Pinterest’s founders tried to share thoughts with the users in regards to the services that are available on the site. There are 5000 users that are personally contacting him and some of them met him directly. The application version for this site was first launched for iPhones in March 2011. Since then, more people were downloading the application and the number of users were drastically increasing. Due to its success in gaining users, Time magazine awarded Pinterest as one of the fifty best websites of 2011. Shortly after that, Hitwise data announced that Pinterest has become one of the top ten largest social network services. The number of Pinterest visitors at that time, has reached 11 million per week.

Pinterest corporate office was continued to grow since then, as in January 2012, there had been 11.7 million of people creating accounts and being active users of the site. This breakthrough made the site as the fastest growing social media. The data was recorded and reported by comScore. The growth was so significant that it made Pinterest as the third most widely-used social media in the US, just right after Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest Headquarter Address 

The address of Pinterest headquarter is located in 808 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA. By going to the office, there are some executive team members that you can meet personally.

Pinterest Contact Number

The contact number of Pinterest that you can reach to say your complaints is +16505615407. That number is available for 24 hours and free of charge.

Pinterest Email and Website

There’s no enough information about Pinterest email address. However, there are many other ways to contact the company, such as their social media and of course, you can contact Pinterest corporate office via their website

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