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Safeway Inc. is an American supermarket chain engaged in retail or grocery that was founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in American Falls, Idaho, USA in 1915. Safeway corporate office became a subsidiary of Albertsons after it was taken over in January 2015 by Cerberus Capital Management, a private investor with a myriad of finances in the United States. which now has a total of more than 250,000 employees in 900 different locations. At present, Safeway Inc. led by two important people namely Robert G. Miller (Chairman and CEO) and Bob Gordon (EVP and General Counsel). Various products sold by this company include bakeries, dairy products, food stores, dry cleaning, frozen foods, fuels, wholesalers, lotteries, pharmaceuticals, photographic processing, production, meat, snacks, liquor, flowers, and Western Union .

Safeway Logo

Now Safeway stores operate in all cities in the USA under the “S” logo which has a white color in a round red box with a worldwide slogan, “Material for life”. Supporting the trend of the community with organic products, expanded the shops to supply of some organic fruit and vegetables as part of its products and available the items under the O label, which is short for organic. The shop in Safeway corporate office has a delivery system, department of production, department of meat, department of flowers, pharmacy, bakery, department of liquor, or many lane that are not perishable. The shops offer many brands with private labels and brand names on all types of products

Safeway Headquarters Info

For complete contact information for Safeway headquarter, you can access it through the company’s official website In addition, you can directly contact the company via telephone and email available.

Address: in general, Safeway’s main operating base in western and central US, with several outlets placed in the Middle Atlantic region’s Eastern Seaboard. The subsidiary is an office in Alameda County, Pleasanton, and California, with its parent company office in Boise, Idaho.

Phone number or contact: This company provides services for customers. If you have an interest, you can immediately call Safeway headquarter by pressing number 1-925-467-3000, mentioning your name and the part or department you want to talk to, because there is a potential operator will wait at the other end of the phone after you mention your name and department, the operator will direct your call to the person concerned.

Email: The company does not publish explicit company emails on the website or on information boards around the company. But the company provided customer service contact to receive complaint [+], even though the contact form was not immediately forwarded to the company’s office. You must first register your e-mail in the form field, after that you will receive an e-mail with links, information about the Safeway corporate office, the board of directors, officers and employees and other important information.

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    Donald A. Uliasz4 months ago

    I as a senior in mid 70’s would like to e-mail Mr. Miller (fully knowing it will not go to him if ever). This is not a bitch letter, but rather a possible money maker future item. Can anyone give me e-mail address so I can ramble?

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    et3 months ago

    You need to improve quality in size of packages of toilet paper.You are only selling it in huge packages and many cannot buy those huge packages and then cannot buy toilet paper, the same problem is with huge paper towel packages. You are discriminating and preveting people from being able to buy these goods during this emergency situation. Please correct this immediately.


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