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Walgreens Corporate Office Information
Walgreen Co. (NYSE: WAG) is a company from the United States engaged in the pharmaceutical industry. [1] At present, the headquarters of Walgreen Co. located at 108 Wilmot Rd., Deerfield, IL, and headed by CEO Gregory D. Wasson.

In 2013, Walgreen Co. entered the Fortune 500 list, a company ranking list based on gross income that is made by Fortune magazine every year. [1] Walgreen Co. ranked 37 (previously ranked 37) with revenues of around $ 72,217 million, profits of $ 2,450 million, and total assets of $ 35,481 million.

Walgreens Corporate Office Information

Walgreens Logo

Fortune also noted that in 2013, Walgreens Corporate Office experienced a 15% increase in sales, with a total sales value of $ 72 billion. With this, Walgreens managed to maintain its position as the largest drug retailer in the United States. Walgreens also launched a joint initiative with AmeriisourceBergen, which allows drug companies to create grocery stores to reduce costs and increase patient accessibility.

In addition to Walgreens Corporate Office, to answer the needs of modern society who want to be practical and fast, Walgreens Pharmacy also transformed from a pharmaceutical retail network to a health care provider network, namely by completing its services with clinics, clinical laboratories, and optics, with the concept of One Stop Health Care Solution.

Their goal going forward is when people need health services, they will immediately think of Walgreens. Think about health, think Walgreens. This is supported by the wide distribution of our outlets which in 2012 reached 412 pharmacies, 64 clinics, 33 clinical laboratories, and 9 optics. In 2013 we continued to expand the number of pharmacies, clinics, clinical laboratories, and optics, not only in Michigan but also across the state, and to improve the appearance of outlets to make it look modern and attractive.

This is the contact information of Walgreens

  • Web : www.walgreens.com
  • Headquarter Mailing Address : 200 Wilmot Road Deerfield, IL, 60015
  • Phone Number : 1–800–WALGREENS (Toll Free) / 1-800-925-4733 (customer service help)
  • Fax : (847) 914-2804
  • Email : None (question form is used in walgreens.com “contact us” section)

Customer’s Complaint Example:
One Walgreens customer was seen complaining in the comment column on the official website of walgreens.com
“I want to complain about health facilities Walgreens. I have been given medicine but the pain has never improved, is the medicine given not good in quality? It has been several times like this. Please review again”
Another complain is seen by Walgreens Corporate Office to be in the same rubric
“Lately, I have to ‘pay attention’ and ‘observe’ because many of the drugs I bought at Walgreens are much higher than the recommended retail price. Unfortunately, I only remember 2 products, others forgot.”

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    Tim Cleaves3 months ago

    This site is a little confusing but maybe someone will see my complaint. I switched to a Walgreen pharmacy from Walmart. Walgreens is closer to home. I’ll just tell you about a typical situation I had today, but something like this happens every single month. I used the app last night to fill a prescription. This morning I got a text saying my prescription is ready for pick up. So I went to Walgreens to pick it up where I was told that I can’t get it until tomorrow. I explained that I got the text AND EMAIL telling me to come get my prescription. I tried to show them the text and email, but they refused to look at it. I’m 55 yeasts old. I assure you I’m not trying to pull some kind of scam to get my medicine, which by the way, I’ve been taking for many years. The pharmacist explained to me that I can now get my prescription every 31 days instead of 30. That is ridiculous!! So I now have to miss my morning work and go to Walgreens and get my medicine. That is ridiculous!! I had to transfer it to another pharmacy which had no problem giving me my prescription. Also, they were professional and very nice. I’ve done the research and It would have been perfectly legal to give me my medicine today. I’m not finished with my complaints. This is just a starting point. I’m going to the BBB and anyone else who will listen.



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