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History Of The Founding Of Wendy’s Corporate Office

Wendy’s is a company that specializes in selling burgers. This franchise restaurant, which has many international networks spread across many countries in the world, was founded in 1969. The company was founded on the initiative of Dave Thomas in Dublin, Ohio, United States. At present Wendy’s spread in 27 countries with 6,700 restaurants. That makes Wendy’s the largest chain hamburger restaurant in the world and ranks third in the field.
Wendy’s headquarters located at 1 Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio, United States in 2011 recorded a net profit of USD 9.9 million with total assets of USD 4.301 billion. The main menu served by this restaurant is hamburger, sandwich, breakfast menu, salad, and various frozen desserts.

Wendys Corporate Office Info

Wendys Logo

Wendy’s Corporate Office Information

For information on partnerships, complaints, questions and answers and needs related to Wendy’s Corporate you can visit the website available on the internet. There you can leave a short message or direct message to the admin on duty 24 hours serving you.
Website: https://www.wendys.com
If you are a reporter or journalist interested in news about Wendy’s Corporate Office, you can contact the email available for that purpose.
Email: mediarelations@wendys.com
There is a telephone number that can be contacted with the service for free as a medium for frequently asked questions or comments about Wendy’s products.
Telephone number: 888.624.8140

Investor Relations and Franchising Information

Wendy’s also offers franchise cooperation for anyone who wants to invest venture capital or open a new outlet on behalf of Wendy’s Corporate by contacting the contact listed below.
Contact email: InvestorRelations@wendys.com

The qualifications needed to join Wendy’s franchise are those who are interested in finding multi-unit opportunities by taking over existing restaurants or by developing newly built restaurants. Having a leadership spirit that is experienced as a multi-unit operator in the wider restaurant field, will be preferred to those who have fast service. Having commitment and aim to develop business and managerial which is good for the growth and progress of Wendy’s franchise. You are also required to have sufficient financial capacity so that you can invest in Wendy’s restaurant which will open later.

The thing that makes Wendy’s Corporate can survive and develop and compete in the food sector is because it is always committed to the quality of the products offered and always innovating in each of its products. The use of digital advertising to market Wendy’s products also has a big part in this company. Wendy’s Corporate also has a foundation that engages in childcare as a platform to provide a loving home called Dave Thomas Faoundation for Adoption.

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